Dining Out With Dietary Restrictions?

Do you have dietary restrictions but still want to eat in a restaurant?

Maybe you’ve made some healthy lifestyle choices that you want to stick to while you’re dining outside your own kitchen? Here are some other resources sites to help you out no matter where you live in the world. Plus, we’re happy to share links to the restaurants that we’ve found to be particularly accommodating.

Know a helpful website or restaurant that should be added to this list? Use the contact form to tell us what we’re adding and if it’s a restaurant make sure you tell us where it is located!

Dining Out Wheat & Gluten-Free

Dining Out Low Carb & Diabetes friendly

Dining Out Dairy-Free (also see Vegan listings!)

Dining Out Vegetarian &/or Vegan

Dining Out with Allergies & Dietary Restrictions (multiple)

Dining Out Heart-Healthy

We hope that helps, and don’t forget to contact us if there’s a helpful site you’ve come across or fantastic restaurant that we should add to the resource list. Have a particularly great experience you want to share with the world? TELL US ALL ABOUT IT


Looking for more information about healthy and safe eating habits while on a restricted diet of some kind? Crystal is a health and wellness coach (when she’s not busy dining out!) and you can find recipes and resources links about making your own food and healthy lifestyle choices on her Health and Wellness website: www.crystalstranaghan.com.


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GF = Gluten-free WF = Wheat-free DF = Dairy-free SF = Sugar free NF =Nut-free SY = Soy-free V = Vegetarian VN= Vegan AF = allergy friendly in general
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