Day 19 – Chirashi at Sushimoto in Burnaby

My appointments took me down the Lougheed Highway today and, as always, I was on lookout for a new lunch spot. I was craving sushi (which is usually the case) and I happened to spot Sushimoto in time to make a left turn off the highway. Parking is definitely an issue in the area but I suspect a large portion of the clientele come from the nearby Holdom Skytrain Station.

The decor is fairly typical of a sushi restaurant, with one big standout feature – their sushi bar faces a glassed-in display of 20-30 collectible action figures ranging from some classic anime and manga characters to Al Pacino as Scarface to a commemorative model of Prince William on his wedding day. Unfortunately, the video I shot on my phone didn’t turn out well due to poor lighting conditions, but trust me – it was very interesting.

Time was a factor so I didn’t study the menu too carefully, but I did note that the majority of the items had accompanying pictures, which is good because the descriptions are coloured by lots of funny little ESL quirks that could otherwise create confusion.

I quickly selected the chirashi lunch special, which included six different kinds of fish plus tamago (egg) and a bowl of miso soup for $9. My soup arrived almost immediately and the main course was also very quick – both pluses for a business lunch.

The presentation and portion size of my main course were great and I especially enjoyed the sauce they added to the rice (though I missed the name).

Overall I was quite impressed and I hope to have the chance to go back for dinner when I’m not in such a hurry. I’d also like to bring a few more people so we can share a bunch of items from the a la carte section of the menu.

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