Day 18 – Chicken Curry at the newly renovated India Gate on Robson

I’ve dined at the India Gate Restaurant several times in the past but it had been a while since I was there for dinner. Crystal was out of town for a few days so I was on my own this time.

Chicken Spinach

Rice & Peas

As I walked up to the restaurant I noticed they had new chairs in the front window. Inside I saw that they’ve recently updated the look of the whole restaurant. New tables, chairs and some funky tiles on the walls and bar-front. I was chatting with my server and he told me they were also replacing the old dark-red carpet with hardwood laminate. In fact, it was scheduled to happen that night. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

Naan Bread

BC Gewurtztraminer

For dinner I decided to stray very slightly from my usual Bhuna Chicken (chicken breast in a yellow curry sauce).  I chose the Chicken Spinach ($17.00) and couldn’t resist adding an order of Naan Bread ($2.00). My server informed me that the Chicken Spinach starts with the same sauce as the Bhuna Chicken and then finely cut spinach is stirred in. Anything with spinach must be healthy, right?

I glanced over the (very short) wine list and despite the temptation of Cono Sur Chardonnay, I decided to have something more suited to a spicy curry. I decided to stay local and ordered a BC Gewurtztraminer ($26.00) instead of the equally tempting German Riesling (wineries are not listed on their menu). The gewurtz was from Sumac Ridge and, as expected, it paired quite nicely with my curry. Conveniently, the bottle was a screw-cap, which made it easy to take the rest of the bottle home since I only wanted one glass with dinner.

The curry was quite spicy (as requested) and both the portion size and flavours were good. I think there may have been slightly less chicken in the Chicken Spinach than there usually is in the Bhuna Chicken, but it may just have been due to normal portion variance.

Through the whole evening the only complaint I had was that I was seated in the dead centre of the room – not really a problem for me since I’m quite accustomed to dining on my own, but it did stand out as something that might bother many solo diners.

The Pros

  • Very friendly service.
  • “Family-owned” feel.
  • Excellent flavours.
  • The new decor looks great!

The Cons

  • Very small wine list that doesn’t list wineries.
  • Not well set-up for solo diners.

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