Day 14 – The Barbecue Blues (a song, some lyrics and a contest!)

It’s day 14 of our 21 Days of Downtown series and we’re doing something a little different today. This isn’t a review of a restaurant that we’re writing. We woke up to sunshine and a gorgeous day and were feeling a little blue about the fact that we’re not allowed to have a barbecue at our place. Teensy-tiny little balcony, and against the fire code apparently equals no BBQ allowed.

So – I found this short loop in Garage Band, conveniently enough called The Barbecue Blues.

LISTEN: BarbequeBlues

That got me in the proper musical mood – and then I wrote some lyrics.


We live in a small apartment.
We ain’t got no balcony.
We don’t really care,
‘cept when it comes to cookin’ meat. 

I got the barbecue blues.
Yeah, the barbecue blues.

Chicken, ribs or steak,
It don’t matter what you cook.
If it ain’t been barbecued,
then it don’t cut it in my book. 

I got the barbecue blues.
Yeah, the barbecue blues.

Bake it, boil it or fry it,
I won’t even try it.
But charcoal on the grill,
and baby I will eat my fill.

I got the barbecue blues.
Yeah, the barbecue blues. 

What will I not do? I can butcher the vocals on a song like the next person, but I have so many friends and family who are actual, real-live musicians and I feel like our readers deserve the best. (and there’s lots of talent out there we don’t know about yet!)

THE CHALLENGE: Using either Garage Band loops or your own original music, record your version of the Barbecue Blues. You can email me an audio file: crystalstranaghan at me dot com, or put a link to your song on your own online location (website, blog, youtube) in the comments for this post or through the contact form on this site. Musicians, please include a link to your website and/or a sentence or two about yourself – we want to give you proper recognition for your efforts ; )

We’ll have the public vote, and the best version of the song wins its creator a Barbecue meal on us. (at a restaurant of course, since we have no BBQ! If you don’t live in the area, we’ll send you a gift card for somewhere in your own neighbourhood…) Deadline for entries? March 31, 2012.

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3 Comments » for Day 14 – The Barbecue Blues (a song, some lyrics and a contest!)
  1. Mikey P. says:

    Hey Crystal. Here’s my entry. I added a line to the chorus to make it flow better.


  2. Fantastic! Great job Mike, and bonus points for lickety-split response time… and enjoyed the addition the the lyrics ; )

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