Meaty goodness on a budget – party’s at the Moose!

Sign from the MooseIt’s day 10 of our 21 Days of Downtown adventures and it’s time we admitted to a problem. We have a weakness for The Moose (formerly known as the Loose Moose) on Nelson St. (between Granville and Howe). But really, how could we be expected to resist the lure of their clever signage?

We ARE at the top of the food chain after all!

I admit we probably meet here more often than we should given the number of other eateries downtown. However, it’s located midway for most of our downtown friends, and close to all forms of transit for those of us who don’t live downtown.

The $5.95 Steak and Prawns special on Sunday is a regular event for us and if we miss that then we try to hit the Monday full rack of ribs and a side for $5.95 which is also consistently decent. You definitely get your money’s worth! This time the steaks were a little overcooked – but that’s the first time (out of maybe 25 times?) that we’ve had that problem so it isn’t likely to stop us from returning.

The skinny on the cheap food that seems to be springing up all over Granville Street? Most of those places operate like bars, and have a bar-type atmosphere, but legally they have a restaurant license and are required to make sure that there is food served on all tables where drinks are being consumed. If not, they get slapped with a hefty fine from the liquor board when they get busted (and/or sometimes even get shut down for a few days).

SO – this is your chance Vancouver. Reap the benefits of those heavy handed liquor laws and enjoy some cheap and tasty pub food.

Music is generally pretty classic rock, servers are solid (friendly and efficient) for the most part and it’s a great casual atmosphere. Bonus for us – we can bring our teenager with us and it doesn’t matter that she’s underage because of the restaurant license. She feels like she had a night out in the big city, and we can still meet our friends in a place that is central and feels like you’re part of the action of the Granville club district (but from a safe distance!).

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