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DAY 11: 21 Days of Downtown Vancouver

We’re gonna be straight up with you. Most of our friends are kind of snobby when it comes to beer and wine – and I mean that in the nicest possible way. What you need to understand is that the price tag is not the deciding factor in terms of what to be snobby about.

What puts something in the drinkable category? Taste, quality and whether or not it’s reasonably priced. Inflated pricing for the sake of making your product seem better than it really is doesn’t cut it with our crowd. However, if you’ve got something truly amazing in your product line, we can be tempted to splurge from time to time when we know the people we’re buying it for will appreciate it.

In exchange for a big favour, an old friend asked that I get him a beer from Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project. That’s actually a bit tougher than it might sound, since Pretty Things has very limited distribution to Canada. I correctly guessed that, if they were to be found, Legacy Liquor Store  would be the place to find them.
Legacy did have a couple of Pretty Things beers available but we were sad to learn that they were likely the last ones to be seen in Vancouver since the brewery will no longer be shipping to Western Canada. What’s all the fuss about Pretty Things? It’s a really interesting story of how they got started and how they operate (Ever heard of gypsy brewers?) and you can READ THEIR STORY HERE.


On top of the amazing beer, they do possibly the funkiest videos I’ve seen from a brewery. Here is one of my favourites: Crumbs, Dust & Magic.

After finding the Pretty Things, we wandered around the huge store and checked out their amazing selection. Our wandering brought us over to their event area and we got to try several amazing Islay and Speyside scotches from Rare Drams. Tasting events are a regular thing at  Legacy Liquor Store  and the schedule is on their website.
Legacy has definitely secured a spot at the top of my list for hard-to-find alcohol, and we’ll certainly be exchanging more of our money for more of their products in the future!
What’s your favourite hard-to-find beverage of choice?
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