Dining Out with Dietary Restrictions? A resource list and a review of Ki-Isu Sushi Yaletown

It’s day 9 of our 21 Days of Downtown challenge, and today the focus is on dining out with dietary restrictions. There are more people than ever before who are either facing lifestyle changes because of allergies and medical conditions, or making the choice to lead a healthier lifestyle by adjusting what goes in our mouths. Doesn’t mean we want to be left out of all the fun outings and quit dining out though!

To help out our dietarily restricted fellow foodies, we’ve compiled a list of dining out resources that will help you dine out in a way that suits your: gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, vegan, vegetarian, soy-free, egg-free, nut-free, cholesterol-free, low-sodium, low-carb and reduced-whatever else you can think of kind of diet! The only two ingredients we’re not willing to give up are: tasty food and a great environment to eat it in…

One such place we’ve discovered is our newest favourite sushi spot - Ki-Isu Japanese Restaurant in Yaletown.

It’s a small space, only about a dozen tables (and some bar seating if you like to watch the chefs) in total, and the first thing I noticed was I felt peaceful and relaxed as soon as I walked through the door. The walls are a rich burgundy colour, the decor is clean and fairly minimalist and there aren’t any busy and distracting posters and ads along the walls.

The server was lovely and friendly, and came over the second we sat down with menus, some welcoming words, a smile and some tea. Even the tea cups had a nice look and feel to them – solid weight in your hand, soothing colours and visually interesting.

The food is all prepared in an open kitchen and we could watch the chefs at work while we waited. They chatted easily with the table beside us and the family sitting up at the bar and all the staff were approachable and happy to answer questions.

The food itself was a good quality and perfectly prepared. Gomae with the perfect amount of very tasty sauce, miso that was hot and hearty (lots of tofu and wakame) combo box options for vegetarians and those who wouldn’t want anything breaded, and they were more than happy to make substitutions to what our meal boxes contained without extra charges.

The chicken teriyaki was the perfect crispiness with just a hint of sauce. And not the out of ┬ájug kind of sauce either – it was light, bright, not too sweet and had a hint of something different going on (cinnamon? cloves?) that gave it an unusual but fantastic flavour.

The value factor was good too. The lunch combo box I shared with Mikayla this time was $10.95 and came with:

  • Miso Soup
  • California Roll
  • Sunomono
  • Chicken Teriyaki (on rice)
  • Salmon, Ebi and Tuna Nigiri (which we swapped for extra Ebi and Tamago)
A couple of design highlights for us included the soy sauce dishes with ridges to keep your chopsticks from rolling off, and the great lighting fixtures. Very classy!
Our server was very attentive at refilling tea and clearing emptied plates throughout and was quick to bring the bill and process payment when we were done.

Overall the lovely food, great service, attention to detail in the decor and the reasonable price point will have us going back to Ki-Isu Japanese Restaurant in Yaletown on a regular basis.

Ki-Isu Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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