Day 8: St. Paddy’s Day Breakfast at Subeez Cafe/Restaurant/Bar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

(that’s a nice Irish toast that means “to your health”)

We awoke to the sound of bagpipes warming up outside our window. It was far earlier in the morning than it should have been, given that the parade wasn’t scheduled to begin until 11:00am. Eventually they just faded into background music for my dreams and the sleeping in I’d been looking forward to all week was rescued from oblivion.

Subeez Cafe, Bar and Restaurant


We headed out into the St. Paddy’s Day post parade chaos searching for food and caffeine. Although there are lots of places where you can get an Irish breakfast in our neighbourhood (Ceili’s, Johnny Fox’s, Doolins), predictably on this particular day most of them had lines running down the block. Instead of fighting the crowds, we popped in to Subeez (Smithe & Homer St.) as it wasn’t too packed and we’ve been there before several times. They have funky art on the walls, the dripped wax candles are really cool and there are always lots of interesting things to look at while you sip your beverages.

They have tasty coffees with an interesting presentation. They’re always served on a silvery tray with a glass of water. My latte was yummy and creamy, and definitely packed a punch in the espresso department. If you ask for a ‘regular coffee’ be aware that you’ll receive an Americano. If you aren’t a fan of bitter, then you might want to ask for a mocha or a shot of flavoured syrup as the coffee here isn’t for sissies.

Both Jared and I had the Classic Breakfast ($10) which is pretty standard (2 eggs, bacon/sausage/back bacon, beans, toast and hash browns). A bit on the salty and greasy side (even for a hangover breakfast!) but that may vary depending on the day as we’ve been there before and that wasn’t an issue.
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It was no competition for eating a “Full Irish” at a B&B in the Wicklow Mountains (sigh, I do always get to missing my time living in Ireland this time of year)! Hopefully one year we’ll be blogging about St. Paddy’s day from the ‘motherland’.

In the meantime, if you want to cook yourself a nice Full Irish breakfast, here’s how. And enjoy a little taste of Irish Music and the views to get you in the mood while you’re cooking.

Now that we’re all fuelled up, we’re headed to Celtic Fest on Granville, so maybe we’ll see you at the live music stage!


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