Day 7: Talking with Beer Chef Rex Thomas at the Commune Cafe

I spent the afternoon at the Commune Cafe chatting with Beer Chef, Rex Thomas about cooking really amazing recipes with a variety of microbrews as an ingredient. He’s got some really tasty (and original) ideas to share – so you might want to drop by his Facebook page or follow him (@BrewsChef) on twitter so you don’t miss out. This is not a man who is content to just dump some beer in a soup and call it a recipe…

One of the many reasons I love the Commune Cafe is that I’ve enjoyed every meal and beverage I’ve ever had here. It’s a funky room with good organic, locally sources foods and lots of creative vibes in the air. The perfect place for talking about Rex’s upcoming project (which I’ll tell you all about when I get the green light!).

Roast Chicken and Artichoke sandwich with Mac’n'Cheese

What did Rex have to say about his lunch?
“I had the Roast Chicken and Artichoke sandwich with Mac n Cheese. The sandwich was great – the chicken was moist and well seasoned, baby greens were used instead of just boring lettuce and the artichokes were fantastic, they seem to have been prepared from fresh rather than canned. The ciabatta bun that was used was a perfect texture to complement the rest of the sandwich. The Mac N Cheese was quite good (a little on the small side but that’s just me), a nice homemade white cheese sauce with just the right amount of “Gooiness” and a wonderful gratin crust. Valu Wise, not bad at all for $12.50.”

I had a vanilla latte – yes, containing actual fully-leaded and mucho caffeinated espresso! Going to be a long, fun-filled evening as we’re headed to North Van for a sushi dinner prepared by friends.

Can’t wait to tell you all about it. We have a new review format up our sleeves which we will unveil over the weekend… (oooooh, aren’t we mysterious and intriguing today!)

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