Day 6: A Blizzardly Limerick – in honour of upcoming St. Paddy’s Day

A blizzardly limerick
by CJ Stranaghan

There once were two female relations,

Who were tempted by DQ’s creations,

They ate Blizzards and walked,

And then sat on a rock,

And marvelled at life’s complications.


*okay, so a TRUE limerick is supposed to be obscene (at least according to Wikipedia) but work with me, I’m trying to be a good parent here!

Our favourite flavours? ¬†Cookies ‘n’ Cream & Cappuccino Skor. These ones were nice and thick ice-cream (the lady who made them did the upside-down test for us) and tasty, but we were both slightly saddened by the lack of goodies by the time we got about halfway down. Please, blizzard gods, can you make sure they are extra swirly so the perfect deliciousness lasts all the way to that very last bite!

What’s YOUR favourite flavour of Blizzard?¬†

Dairy Queen/Orange Julius on Urbanspoon

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