Day 4: Dining Out at Our House – marlin, moose and a good strong port

Sometimes, all you really want is for the good food to come to you, so you can cozy up in your house, enjoy the view from your window and sip port for hours while chatting with [insert your favourite dining partner(s) here].

We’re very lucky that our freezer is kept well-stocked with all manner of interesting things (thanks Mom & Dad!).

Since it was so yucky yesterday, it was the perfect time to throw a moose roast into the crock pot. My dad goes hunting once a year and we receive care parcels of this extremely lean, free range and ‘organic’ (‘organic’ because it’s an actual wild animal that lives in nature- not raised on a farm somewhere so we can’t guarantee what it may have eaten during its lifetime!) meat. If it’s not properly prepared, you’ll likely end up with something tough as shoe leather and gamey tasting. Cooked slowly in the crock pot with garlic, onion, tomato paste, some red wine, and fresh cracked pepper, it’s melt in your mouth good.

Not sure what a moose is? Wikipedia and National Geographic are two good places to educate yourself.

moose roast (8hrs in crock pot), smoked marlin

It’s not something you can just pop out to the grocery store and buy, but I have to admit I didn’t realize what a treat it was when I was a kid. It was just what we always had. Now, it’s fun to watch people’s reactions when I tell them what I’m making them for dinner – as the basics around our house are not what you’d usually find in a downtown apartment freezer.

The ‘staples’ in our freezer include:

  • salmon filets (various types – whatever we – or Dad – caught over the summer)
  • smoked salmon (my parents have the best recipe – we’ll do some up over the summer and I’ll video blog it)
  • moose many ways (roasts, stew meat, burger, pepperoni, garlic sausage)
  • halibut, cod and other white fish filets (again, whatever Dad caught)
  • ahi, marlin and sailfish (usually smoked, but sometimes in filets)
  • dorado filets – also known as mahi mahi until it swims into mexican waters, which is where we (with Dad’s help) catch it!
  • strawberries, blueberries, raspberries (from Mom’s garden, or the organic blueberry farm not far from their place)
  • pumpkin, tomatoes, corn or anything else scrounged from Mom’s garden that wasn’t consumed before it made it to the freezer
It’s pretty easy to supplement what we have on hand with what we need to add to make a perfect ‘urban picnic’ dinner. We have a Nesters Market right in our building for some fresh fruits & veg and gourmet cheeses (smoked applewood cheddar…drool), and a great beer & wine store – Viti - which is about 4 doors down (but still on our block) on Seymour @ Smithe where we can find something fun to pair with our dinner.
We got new port glasses as a wedding gift, so that (and the cheese and dark chocolate we had lined up for dessert) were the driving forces behind our beverage choice for the evening.
The winemaker says of the Taylor Fladgate LBV“Powerful, aromatic nose with lots of black fruit, plum and dark cherry. The floral and herbal notes that come through on the nose add lovely nuances to the bouquets. The palate is rounded, smooth and balanced. Flavours of blueberry and raspberry in abundance with a delicious touch of black liquorice. In true Taylor style the wine is well structured with big firm tannins that holds the wine nicely together. The finish is wonderfully long.”
Didn’t pair too well with the moose or the marlin – but then we didn’t really expect it to. Perfect with the cheese, chocolate and fruit though, and we enjoyed every last drop to its utmost! The winemaker clearly knows his stuff (and our tastebuds).



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