Day 3: Yaletown Brewing is warm, dry, and the wind stays outside. Plus, they have beer!

Although today started off looking just a little grey and windy, it quickly progressed into a full blown sideways rain-pounding-on-my-windows-power-outage kind of day. Where to go when you don’t really want to leave your house, but you’re going to meet a friend for lunch? If you happen to live in my neighbourhood,¬†Yaletown Brewing Co. is roughly 2 blocks away and is always a solid choice.

The Pilsner is the seasonal on tap right now, and according to Jared is, “a good example of a North American pilsner, more full-bodied and hoppy than its European cousins”.

We had a friend with us who is knowledgeable about all things beer, and was happy to explain when I asked that “lacing” is what it’s called when the beer leaves behind the white foam on the edges of the glass- because it looks “lacy”. For a more technical explanation of how and why this happens, read this article, One Beer Please by¬†Vivienne Baillie Gerritsen.

Mostly, we were just impressed with how well the lacing “ladders”, or leaves behind a ring with each sip. The Pale Ale did a particularly good job of that!

For all you bargain hunters out there, note that the usually $7.50 priced pints of microbrew are $4.50 on Sundays, and pizzas are $9.99 that day too so you may want to schedule that for your day of rest.

The caesar salad was tasty, although we discovered you only get the super-yummy-cheese-crisp on the side if you get a full order. Trust me, it’s the right thing to do. The dressing was fresh and tasty (and vegetarian friendly according to our server), but a bit heavy on the citrus and garlic. This is soooo not a date item unless you’re sharing it! Mikayla thought the chicken helped balance out the garlic though, and that the croutons were “yummy”.

I liked the attention to detail in the decor (watch for the beer tap coat hangers, and the keg lights in particular).

And if anyone knows what the autographed playing cards attached to the drop-ceilings are all about, it would be great if you could leave a comment. We completely forgot to ask our server (too distracted by the great beer discussions)!

Now, if they could just do a cider on tap!

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