Day 2: Spring ahead into Sunday brunch at the Wallflower

Sunday morning dawned as a somewhat nice day in downtown Vancouver – no rain, almost sunny even – and we walked to Granville skytrain station and hopped on a very short skytrain and then an even shorter bus ride to get to The Wallflower Modern Diner at 2420 Main St.(@8th) to meet some friends for brunch. We figured that since we’d lost an hour of sleep due to the time changing, we deserved to have someone else look after cooking breakfast (not to mention the dishes!).

It was busy when we got there (12:30) and we put our name on a wait list (they don’t take reservations). After about 15 minutes of taking photos (I thought the reflection in the logo on the window was fun) and visiting with our friends while we waited, we were able to get a table for 5 people.

The wall at the Wallflower... very thematically appropriate!The menu is extensive, especially as they serve brunch until 4pm, and there are options for every kind of dietary restriction you can imagine. Gluten-free, dairy-free, veggie, vegan, sugar-free etc. etc. Check out the menu online to see what they’ve got to offer.

Although it was busy (completely packed, actually), our server was friendly, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. The place has a cozy atmosphere – like having brunch at a friend’s place – and the buzz of conversation was comforting and homey. The coffee was tasty, hot and frequently refilled and we were offered a choice of milk, cream and soy milk without having to ask. After comparing the images on our different coffee cups, the Buffy mug emerged as the “funnest” cup winner!

The presentation was eclectic diner-style (plates are different and none of the food is stacked in trendy towers). Most meals ranged from $7-10 and were a decent size (but not so huge that you leave half of it on your plate and then feel guilty for the waste!) Between the 5 of us we tried 4 different dishes, and the verdict was unanimous.  Everything was tasty, fresh, filling and not greasy, and we would all go back there again.

Our breakfast feedback is below – sorry the pictures are a bit dark and don’t do perfect justice to the food. Note to self: self, if you can’t remember to charge the battery on your camera you must upgrade your iPhone to one with a flash!

The Crystal Benny

The Crystal Benny… $12
On english muffins, with bacon, avocado and cheddar with a creamy hollandaise sauce that seemed freshly made (no packet stuff here). The bacon was tasty, but in one long strip per muffin so the only suggestion Jared  had was that if the bacon was cut in half with 2 shorter pieces per muffin it would be easier to get a more even distribution of flavours in each bite.


Omelette(bacon, goat cheese, avocado) at Wallflower DinerOmelette (bacon, goat cheese, avocado) with gluten-free toast

Omelette (Goat Cheese, Bacon, Avocado) with gluten-free bread… $9
Just the right amount of goat cheese, not too much avocado and the eggs were cooked to perfection. The gluten-free toast was toasted bun-style bread, and was very tasty – although a little bit drier than the one they used to have. Much better than most gluten-free buns I’ve tried though, and it didn’t completely fall apart upon eating! The greens are a nice palate cleanser and lightened up the plate. I’m a fan of the edible garnish!

Basic Breakfast, scrambled with bacon

The Basic Breakfast (with Marbled Rye toast)… $7
A good standard brekky with 2 eggs, some mixed greens, home-made panfries, bacon and marbled rye toast. The perfect hungry teenager special as it had several customizable options (toast: whole wheat, sourdough or marbled rye, eggs: any way you want, meat: bacon, ham or chorizo ) and very reasonably priced. Verdict from Mikayla – 2 thumbs up!


Vegan Hummus Melt

Vegan Hummus Melt… $12
On marbled rye (rather than the foccacia it usually comes with), with hummus, spinach, onion, mushrooms and vegan mozza. “Tasty” was mumbled between mouthfuls. I always think it’s a good sign when someone is too focused on eating to tell you what they think in great detail ; )

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