Day 1: Celebrating International Women’s Day by getting to know local microbrews AND the women who brew them!

After a long day of work, we started out Thursday night on a mission to find beverages and a place to decompress, and our instincts led us towards Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar in Waterfront Station, just at the edge of Gastown.

I got a bit distracted along the way by a really cool piece of… sidewalk art? part of a safety campaign? urban graffiti with a moral? I’m not sure how it got there or who did it but the Health Psychologist and the storyteller in me both went – AWESOME! I have to share that.

If you’ve got the scoop on who’s behind these (is there more around the city? variations on the theme?) I would love to hear/read all about it. You can use the comment form below if you’ve got intel.

Jay, bar artist extraordinaire!

Even though I know what to expect from Rogue, I’m always impressed by how the crazy mix of ornate chandeliers, metal, really cool lighting (yes, the tables are lit from INSIDE in some cases) and an array of colours, textures and fabrics can come together in a way that doesn’t make your head spin. The fantastic beer certainly helps – especially when it’s free. Seriously, follow them on twitter (@roguewetbar) and you’ll see what I mean! They also have the biggest, slushiest Bellinis I’ve ever seen.

Rose Hibiscus Honey Ale

Thursday night there was a special event celebrating WOMEN IN BEER for International Women’s Day. We weren’t forward thinking enough to get tickets – the food+drink special events there always sell out quickly – but seeing as we know the organizers, we got to pop in and see what all the excitement was about.

Brewer, Claire Connolly 

The Rose Hibiscus Honey Ale by brewer Claire Connolly (Big River Brewing Company) was pouring at that point, and it was paired with Country Ham & Green Apple Kimchi. How was it? We’ll talk to some of the folks who were there and get back to you on that!

To tide you over until then, Jared’s going to share his thoughts on his beverage of choice for the evening.

Jared weighs in on his beer:
It had been a while since I had stopped by, and one of the fun things about returning to Rogue is that they have a rotating selection of beers on tap. As a hophead, I’m particularly interested in their rotating IPA tap. Their current selection is Hop Henge from Deschutes Brewing. They call it an “experimental” IPA and, like many beers from Portland, it is very, very heavy on the hops. In my opinion, however, it retains enough fruity character to make it balanced and easily drinkable. A word of warning – it’s 8.5% alcohol, so be careful not to drink it too easily… (Rogue serves it in a 12 oz. tulip glass rather than a full sleeve for this reason).

A great way to end Day 1 of our 21 Days of Downtown challenge. Read more here.

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