365 Days of Dining Challenge: Can we do it? And should we?

The internet has been a-buzz with the flutter of rapidly beating blogger-hearts since Tourism Richmond announced its call for the position of foodie blogger for the 365 Days of Dining campaign a few days ago. I was made aware of the opportunity by several different friends sending me links to it (in most, the subject line read something like “dream job for you and J”) before I even saw the original announcements through Tourism Richmond’s twitter feed.

Jared and I have spent the past 48 hours debating if it really is in fact our “dream job” and whether or not we will apply. Immediate reaction? After the “OMG-hyperventilation-squeeling-jumping around the apartment at the mere thought” stuff passed, and we got through the counterswing of “there’s no way they’d pick us with the whole world of food bloggers to choose from so why even bother” phase – we moved predictably on to step 3 where we made a list of pros and cons.

Reasons to apply:

  • getting paid to write every day (yahoo says we!) plus rent covered & gym membership
  • we could actually afford to dine out as much as we’d like to (let’s be honest, probably more than we’d like on some days!) with the help of daily dining stipends
  • we love Asian food, but have yet to try sooooo many things
  • amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience to fully immerse ourselves in a new community and cultural experience
  • we’ve been thinking about a change in location anyways (we love downtown Vancouver, but let’s face it – Granville club district is NOISY at night and we’re not quite the young’uns we were when we first moved here)
  • we don’t own our place, so we can (and would) move in a heartbeat
  • the actual food and the accompanying experiences
  • being able to combine all the things we’re passionate about into one job: health, community, arts, food, dining and communicating with people about something we love through all forms of media…
  • more people than ever before will be reading our writing
  • ability to indulge our passion for social media
  • we’d be in it together, so would have the ability to maximize both our sets of skills, and not be risking our relationship or family dynamics
Reasons not to apply:
  • potential loss of momentum and focus in our own writing lives/business lives
  • bye-bye to our annual trip to Mexico to visit the family, catch up on our Vitamin D consumption and gorge ourselves on yummy Mexican cuisine mid-winter (365 days a year doesn’t leave a lot of vacation time – which was the one of the main reasons we built our business the way we did)
  • the occasional stalker (er… um… I’m sure I meant follower) who wants to get in on the dining out action and/or disagrees with our opinion on a place and/or thinks they should have got the job
  • … I guess that’s really it.
Assuming the goal of this gutsy marketing endeavour is to promote tourism, food and culture in Richmond to encourage people to visit (whether from 2 or 20,000 kilometres away) then there is a lot more to it than even the complete job description really states.
We want to make sure we’re up to the challenge. It’ll be an honour for the person who is chosen, but also a huge responsibility. As a way to test our own skills and dedication to the cause, for the next 21 days (that’s about all we can squeak in until the applications are due) we’re going to share our experiences out and about in downtown Vancouver. If, at the end of that trial period, we still think we’ve got what it takes and found the pace manageable – then we’ll submit our application.

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